Monday, January 23, 2017

Resin assembly for paper and metal

Mixed up some resin and assembled the metal flowers by using it as glue  - the coated the paper flowers with the resin to harden them up - may have to put a second coat

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nail Polish to color Metal - Copper Rose Prototype

I took the plain copper rose I made yesterday and colored it with the Sally Hansen Nail Polish
I wasnt fancy blening - next one I will do that with - just wanted to see some fast results 
and I love it -

so will be making more and trying different effects 

I started some original nail polish samples back in 2011 

for the color chart on the left side of the blog  there is a link as well - note they have not chipped or shown any wear since then 
but here are the  link for the chart -
It shows you on brass samplings I had - 

Copper Flowers - Rose - using Heartfelt stamps and dies

copper rose 

After looking at my paper flowers to make a necklace -( I still will be adding epoxy on them today) -  I thought why not use my dies on thin copper - having 36g copper around  for other projects -

So I stamped 36g copper  with staz on  using my  Heartfelt stamps

then ran them through the cuttlebug
using my Heartfelt dies (for use with the stamps) and cut out the pieces

Using my paper formng tools from McGill - round ball end formers

I formed the edges and then put together

the black lines still show - planning on trying etching as well - but next is coloring - using nail polish rather than the  patinas at this time 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Still playing with Paper

thinking coating with an epoxy resin to harden and seal and make a necklace with and earrings?
filling the box

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Keeping busy

Making more paper flowers with my scan n cut machine

then coloring and assembling for future usage

The etching is packed up ready to come to the house
The noibium set up is in the house and I should start on that mpossibly tonight as I have to make some earring wires for someone this week

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Preparing for classes

WEll it seems  I'll be doing a couple classes at my favorite scrapbooking store
I went today to take a Heartfelt Party class - they introduce the new dies and stamps at these classes
Made my cute fairy house card

and showed them my shoe and milk cartons 
Will be preparing and setting up classes with Class Act in Oshawa 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cutting vinyl records

I really should be doing glass or metal but I have wanted to do this for so long
(these are not mine -  just samples ) 

I finally found some vinyl records - 3 for a 1$  and grabbed 45 of them - that should do me
didnt care what they were - some I even got a 2 record set

I laughed as I even got a recorded word disc for Jane fondas original workout - I dont have a record player so it will get used up

what I want to do this  
 for my granddaughters room 

I've watched them use the wood burning tool with sort of exacto blade head that heats up and I have seen them use a dremel tool with skinny cutter.grinder and someone with a hand saw 
so will test this out this weekend - probably make the template with my scan n cut -